When I found these slides, I knew I had to scan them and find the story.   Luckily, my aunt Marika filled in the details:
"HA HA!!! I am in the lead role as Little Red Riding - in the hutsul costume with the floral shawl. Auntie Sophia is a flower - yellow petals. This is circa 1970 - I would be 10 years old. If was a musical & I had to sing solo in front of family, friends & total strangers. No Oscar nomination here. Almost all the cast members were in Ukrainian scouts at that time. We also grew up together through Ukrainian dancing, Saturday Ukrainian school. The kid playing the wolf was Andriy W[...]  he was always getting himself into trouble in Ukrainian school - probably from sheer boredom. I don't know what happened to him[...]
The director/producer of this play was Maria D[...] - she taught Ivanna piano for several years - she is about 85 years old & still involved in music. Good friend of Dido."
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